Plasmonics and Applied Quantum Optics Group
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Research topic I:
Microring Lasers
Research topic II:
Nano-lasers and nano-cavities
Resaerch topic III:
Silicon Photonics
In Plasmonics and Applied Quantum Optics Laboratory, our goal is to explore novel phenomena that leads to the development of the next generation of ultra-compact and ultra-fast photonic integrated circuits.
Semiconductor Microring Lasers
Single mode tunable semiconductor lasers are key components for applications ranging from spectroscopy and optical communications, to metrology and beam-steering. Due to the inherent large gain bandwidth of semiconductors, controlling the longitudinal mode content in such lasers is generally cumbersome and involves elaborate intra-cavity dispersive elements. Nevertheless, single frequency lasing has been demonstrated using distributed feedback (DFB), distributed Bragg reflectors (DBR) or through the integration of passive resonator segments and active gain in a large laser cavity[Ref]. Despite the remarkable success in providing wavelength selectivity and tunability in a number of semiconductor laser configurations, these techniques are not effectively applicable to microring lasers- a prominent class of semiconductor lasers with high prospects for integrated photonics. This motivated some recent works in exploring novel cavity designs to enforce single mode operation in microring lasers.

Khajavikhan Team

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